eNCA Job Vacancy Application Details

eNCA Vacancy Application Details.

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eNCA Jobs Vacancy

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Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
eNCA: SOUTH AFRICA’S MOST WATCHED TV NEWS CHANNEL. eNCA is South Africa’s most trusted independent TV and online news brand. It launched on June 1st, 2008 to become the country’s first 24-hour television news service.

Reporting to Supervisor: Digital Content

The Social Media Coordinator is responsible for implementing a clearly defined social media strategy to support both the digital and broadcasting businesses, while editing and uploading video content to eNCA’s digital properties.

1. Promote eNCA.com content on eNCA Social Media Platforms

  • Publish links for eNCA.com articles on Facebook and Twitter immediately after they’ve been published on the website.
  • Ensure that you have read the headline of the story before publishing to avoid publishing spelling errors to social media. Should there be an error, alert the Web Editor immediately to fix it.
  • Monitor the trending section and publish at least three trending stories on Twitter and Facebook mid-morning (10am – 12pm) and mid-afternoon (3pm – 5pm).
  • Post at least two images to Instagram per shift. These must be from the Top 3 stories of the day or a story that is trending on eNCA.com. Check with the Web Editor before publishing should you be uncertain which images you should post to this platform.
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2.Promote eNCA channel shows, current affairs shows and content

  • Monitor eNCA Anchors’ social media accounts throughout the shift and retweet them when they are promoting shows or interviews that are coming up on their shows.
  • Load Executive Producers promos videos directly to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and add copy provided by them to the post before publishing. Should they not provide copy a) Go to the Executive Producer and ask for copy or b) Watch the video and write up your own copy.
  • Always ensure that copy provided by channel (Executive Producers, Anchors) has been subbed by the Web Editor or Online Editor.
  • Retweet the Weather account, CheckPoint account and other show accounts.

3.Publish video content to social media

  • Monitor the channel and cut bytes of no more than 1 minute. Publish two per hour. Add one line of copy above the video explaining what the interview is about. Ensure that the correct # has been used and the show’s name. All copy must be subbed by the Web Editor or Online Editor before publishing.

4.Publish full interviews, reporter crossings and packages to YouTube

  • Ensure channel videos (interviews, reporter crossings, packages) are edited accurately and loaded to YouTube per hour.
  • All video content cut from channel must Courtesy #DStv403 at the end of the YouTube blurb.
  • Always ensure that content is added to the correct playlist. These playlist titles may change on occasion and new playlists added.
  • Ensure that the headlines and blurbs are editorially and grammatically accurate and follow the eNCA YouTube style.
  • Ensure that no video containing SuperSport or SABC sport or other third parties (non-eNCA content) is published to YouTube.
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5.Publishing of articles for eNCA.com

  • Where requested to by the Web Editor, write up articles based on the interviews published to YouTube.
  • All copy in the articles must always be editorially and legally accurate.
  • On weekend planning shifts (Thursdays and Fridays), you will be required to write up articles in preparation for the weekend e.g. Top ten trending stories on eNCA.com; Stories that got South Africans talking on social media this week.
  • On weekend planning shifts (Thursdays and Fridays), you will be required to look at Google Analytics and find at least five stories that did well during the week. Schedule those stories to go out on Twitter and Facebook over the weekend as either [TRENDING THIS WEEK] or [ICYMI THIS WEEK]

Key Performance Areas:
1.eNCA content is cut from Volicon and published to YouTube, in the correct playlist within 15 minutes of broadcast on eNCA.
2.At least 14 videos are cut from channel per shift.
3.At least 4 promotion tweets are sent out per shift.
4.At least 7 video bytes are posted on social media per shift.
5.At least 5 articles are written for eNCA.com per shift over weekends.
6.All work published to eNCA’s digital properties is grammatically and factually accurate.
7.All work and content-related requests from the Web Editor and Online Editor are fulfilled within ten minutes.
8.The eNCA Social Media Policy is adhered to both professionally and personally.

Job Functions
Broadcasting / Transmitting,Media
Education: Matric – Diploma/Degree in Journalism
Language: English
Experience: 1 year Experience in Online or Digital Newsroom

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Specific Professional Competencies:

  • Time management
  • Self-leadership
  • Managing relationships
  • Assertiveness
  • Problem solving skills
  • Planning skills
  • Organising skills
  • Change management skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Coaching skills
  • Mentoring skills
  • Persuasiveness
  • Communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Facilitation skills
  • Coping under pressure
  • Conflict handling skills



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