Biography of Nataniël: Age, Career, Albums & Net Worth

Nataniël: Biography of Nataniël, Age, Career, Albums & Net Worth

Nataniël (born 30 August 1962) is a South African singer, songwriter, entertainer and best-selling author. He is best known for his solo stage act and his lifestyle and cooking TV shows.

Nataniël Age

He was born on 30 August 1962 in Grahamstown, South Africa. Nataniël is 58 years old as of 2020.

Nataniël Career

Nataniël le Roux launched his career in 1987 with the release of his first single, Maybe Time. Since then he has released fifteen studio- and two live- albums, staged more than eighty original theatre productions and published twentyone books. In 1997 he also released a four-track EP entitled The Diva Devine with opera singer Mimi Coertse. His many theatre shows, often staged at the Johannesburg casino Emperor’s Palace, won him multiple awards.Nataniël manages a company specialising in lifestyle goods called Kaalkop, which means “bald” in Afrikaans, but implies “honest” or “unpretentious”.
After starring in the TV series Another Life With Nataniël (1998-1999) and Project Fame (2004), Nataniël created and hosted Die Nataniel Tafel, a cooking and entertainment program in five seasons (2012-2014), on the South African television channel kykNET. In 2014 he starred in the South African TV drama Almon Henry which he also wrote.[9] In recent years he has created and hosted five seasons of his TV show Edik van Nantes (2015–2020) on the same channel alongside his brother, Erik le Roux.

During live musical performances, he is often accompanied on stage by pianist Charl du Plessis, or the Charl du Plessis Trio.

Nataniël is a column writer for Sarie magazine since 2002, and he recently published the first part of his first memoirs.


Studio albums

  • 2017: One Day in a Castle
  • 2010: Oh!
  • 2007: I Wear White
  • 2006: Fashion
  • 2003: Will He Weep
  • 2002: Dance ’til I Break
  • 2000: Fall
  • 1998: Slow Tear
  • 1997: Portfolio
  • 1995: The Wallflower
  • 1995: The Cover Concert
  • 1994: Dying for Master
  • 1993: Recital
  • 1989: Work of Art
  • 1988: Weird People

Live albums

  • 2014: Moodswing (Nataniël on Stage)
  • 2013: Factory (live at Emperors Palace)

Compilation albums

  • 2009: Act Two
  • 2006: Act One

Singles and EPs

  • 1987: Maybe Time (Single)
  • 1988: One Life (Single)
  • 1997: The Diva Divine, with Mimi Coertse (EP)
  • 1998: Gossip Tower (Single)
  • 1999: In Ev’ry Star (Single)
  • 2003: Santa Maria (Single)
  • 2004: Gold (Single)
  • 2005: Diamond (Single)
  • 2019: 100 Years (Single)

Music videos

  • 1988: Weird people
  • One life
  • Dis te laat
  • Spook
  • Roses and Jazz
  • Bat
  • Maybe we still believe
  • Juice
  • Moon Jazz
  • Now I can die
  • Slow tear
  • None of Them
  • Say Your Name
  • In Ev’ry Star
  • Hopeless Hand
  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • 2005: Fashion
  • 2019: 100 Years

Nataniël Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $1 million which he has earned from his career as a singer, songwriter and author.



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